Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sample Boxes?

Okay, here's a post where I'm looking for some input from my fellow bloggers (or any other ladies out there).  I currently subscribe to the Julep Maven Program.  I LOVE getting a special surprise in the mail each month!  I have been thinking lately about joining another program similar to Julep Maven only involving a variety of beauty products.  I have found a few different ones out there and I was wondering if anyone could recommend one or two of them for me to try?  The ones I am currently looking into are:

  • Beauty Army-  Looks like this one is currently sold out of subscriptions so I signed up for the waiting list.  Seems like a lot of these are sold out at the moment.  
  • Glymm- I haven't heard a lot about this one so if anyone has any experience I would be interested in hearing it.
  • GoGogirlfriend- Again, I haven't heard too much about this either.  Looks like this one is also sold out at the moment. 
  • Birchbox- This is one I have heard a lot about but is ALSO currently sold out.
  • TestTube- This one is only every three months and I really like the idea of getting something monthly but I'm still interested if you have tried them.
  • MakeUpMonthly- A little more expensive and I haven't heard a lot about them.  If it is full size products I might be slightly more interested.
  • The Soap Box- I'm not going to lie, when I saw this I fell in love! I LOVE taking baths (and I have an amazing bath tub just for this purpose) and I love trying new bath products.  I was bummed when I saw they ALSO have a waiting list. I'm really hoping that I can get included on this one!
  • The Look Bag- This one looks promising as well.  Anyone have any experience?  
If you have any experience of recommendations about any of these I would love to hear it.  Or if you know of any others that I may have missed as well.  Thanks in advance!


  1. I just signed up for Julep Maven Program on Tuesday for ($0.01) and my box is being delivered today. Yay! I was signed up for MyGlam Bag and Birchbox but I canceled both. I wasn't liking anything that I received from Birchbox and the "deluxe" samples weren't really deluxe. I did receive a full-size nail polish in the 3 mths that I subscribed. I loved the bag that received from MyGlam. I subscribed for one month. I had received a facial mask that I really liked and a full size Roll On Shimmer by NYX (but I'll never use that). I'm glad that I canceled MyGlam after seeing what they got with the March bag.

  2. I was subscribed to BirchBox but cancelled after about 4 months. I was not liking the samples. Cravebox is a good one but there is a waiting list for that as well. Good Luck. Let us know which one you choose.


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