Monday, August 6, 2012

Product Review: Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

Happy Monday!! Sorry I have been missing for a couple of days.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks at the Honey Do's household!  Before I get started on telling you what I thought of the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint I received in my July Birchbox I really want to tell you a completely unrelated but hilarious story just to give you an insight into how my crazy mind works.

Let me set the scene- It's Friday evening, both hubby and I agree that we don't feel like cooking so we order pizza.  We often order from this particular company so my hubby answers the door as always to accept the pizza and sign the credit card slip.  I'm in the kitchen when I hear the pizza man greet my husband with a super sexy Australian accent.  I mean, anyone with an accent like that has to be hot...right?  My interest perks when I realize this isn't our normal pizza man.  My mind goes wild as I imagine this insanely hot shirtless Aussie at my door delivering pizza.  I mean, chances are the pizza delivery guy is wearing a shirt BUT it was pretty hot outside, maybe just maybe he decided to deliver our pizza sans shirt.  I couldn't take the chance that I might miss out on the only opportunity I might ever have to feast my eyes on the shirtless Aussie who just happened to be delivering pizzas.  So, I sneak into the living room and hide behind the wall trying to get a peek at the Aussie hotness.  Finally, I get a good clear view and...OMG...he is so NOT hot and so NOT what I was picturing at all!  Think scrawny looking unkempt barely out of high school kid.  Yep, I was embarrassed that I spent so much time trying to get a good look at this...KID.  Call me Mrs. Robinson I guess.  Later when I told my hubby about my little adventure he was quite amused, me, not so much!  Guess I learned my lesson, never judge a guy by his voice, and all Aussie men are NOT shirtless and NOT hot.

Anyway, on to the real reason you are reading this post, Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint.

I was pretty excited to try this stuff until I saw that the color was Bronze.  There is nothing about my skin that is even remotely close to Bronze.  However, I did see Birchbox saying that you could use this as a bronzer.  Now, I don't normally use bronzers either because I just don't think they look right on my skin.  Any kind of color I try to add ends up looking orange and very fake.  So first I tried it on my arm.

Now, obviously this is not blended in at all but it's just to give you an idea of how dark it was.  I did try it on my face one day when I didn't have anywhere to go and while I admit that it did blend in very nicely the color was still not right for my face.  I believe if my skin was just slightly darker it would have given a nice bronzed look but for me it still made my face look orange.  I did try to get a picture with it blended in but the picture just wasn't showing the slightly orange color that was much more obvious to the naked eye.  I would still love to try this stuff and I see that they have an opal or pearl color which I think would be perfect for my skin color.  However, the thing I love about these sample programs is that you get to try before purchasing and I'm not sure that I want to spend the $38.00 without trying it out first.

I did love how smooth the product was and how nicely it blended into my skin.  Overall, I think if you pick the right shade this is a perfect tinted moisturizer.  I really wish Birchbox would pay more attention to what we say on our profile so this sort of thing doesn't happen.  I may have actually purchased this product if it had been the right color.  For now, I might wait and see if I can somehow get a sample of a lighter shade.  If anyone has a suggestions on how I get a sample of a lighter shade please let me know.  

If you are interested in purchasing this product you can get it here.

Do you use a tinted moisturizer?  If you do what brand do you use?  

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The Birchbox was purchased by me with my own money.  I am not affiliated with Birchbox or Jouer.  I am not being paid for my reviews and all opinions are my own personal opinions.


  1. OK- nice review on the tint- I'm curious how dark you are, because as much as I'd LOVE a tinted moisturizer, I don't like the orange look either!

    BUT- LMBO- Aussie Pizza Guy! NIIICE!

    1. I'm not dark AT ALL! I'm pasty pale actually!

  2. I do not use tinted moisturizers, but have been wanting too. It does look like a smooth moisturizer, but I agree that it is a little too dark for me also.

    I LOVED your story of checking out the shirtless pizza delivery man; it had me in a laughter fit.

    1. Thanks! It had my husband laughing on Friday as well. ;)

  3. Oh my skin do not need it heheh I have tan complexion...Great review...Have a great day.

  4. aww I hate when I don't match :( Bums me out, especially when I'm looking forward to it!

    LMAO Don't feel bad, I "accidentally" found myself staring at a guy and then come to find out he was 19... Yea, Imma cougar. :D

  5. I know how you all feel iam pale skined and i never match up to anything like that lol. I also dont care for the orange color. I dont want to be a pumpkin lol

  6. I've never used a tint, but this got me interested.

  7. I have nominated you and your blog for a blog award. Please check it out here


    Have a lovely day
    Zoe x

  8. I'm very eager to try! I will be stopping by the store to pick this one up! It looks pretty! :) I'm personally a fan of Aveeno's tinted moisturizer! :)


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