Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Birchbox!

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm sharing with you a sneak peak at my July Birchbox. This month Birchbox partnered with Glamour for a box inspired by Glamour's Five Senses of Summer issue.  If you remember, when I first announced this box I wasn't all that thrilled with the idea.  If you read my last post you will also know that I had trouble with this box as well.  

Here's a quick overview of what happened in case you didn't get a chance to read my other post.  When I checked my Birchbox profile before I received my box I was very excited because I really liked the box it said I was getting.  When the mailman showed up and I opened the package I was disappointed to see that the box I received wasn't the box that the website said I was going to get. Not only that, but the "wrong" box also included tinted moisturizer that was bronze color that I won't be able to use and an opened Larabar that I had to throw out. I contacted Birchbox via email and didn't get a response so I called them. The girl on the phone said that they sent me the right box but put the wrong one on the site. She offered to send me August's box for free. She told me she would get back to me about the Larabar. I didn't get a response back about that. I then find out that Birchbox was sending some people the "right" box in addition to letting them keep the "wrong" box (this was apparently an issue that happened to others as well and not just me). So I emailed Birchbox back again and said that it seems they are sending some people the other box in addition to offering August for free. Someone wrote me back and told me that wasn't the way they were handling it. I wrote back and told her that I wasn't going to push the issue but that I believe in treating every customer equally and in the future they should make sure to offer the same resolution to everyone. I also sent her links to where others were saying that they got the "right" box sent to them. They are apparently sending me a new Larabar. We will see how next month goes and that will be the deciding factor for me.

Anyway, on to what was included in my box:

  • Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint- Like I said, I opened this up to take a peek and noticed it was way too dark for my very pasty pale skin.  The color they sent me was Bronze.  We do fill out profiles and in my profile it says I am light skinned so I'm not sure why they sent me such a dark color.  If they had sent me a lighter color I would have been excited to try this.  I did try it on my hand but I might be brave and try it on my face and see if I can blend it enough.
  • Oscar de la Renta live in love- I took a little sniff of this and it seemed pretty strong but did it grow on me?  You'll have to wait for my review to find out.
  • LÄRABAR® über- This was opened so I had to throw it out.  You can see in the picture below how it arrived.  I'm waiting for a replacement so I will reserve judgment until then.

  • stila It’s Go Time Lip Glaze Trio- The website says trio but I only got one.  I'm not sure if that is another error or what.  I love lip gloss though so I am excited to try this.
  • Alterna BAMBOO® UV+ Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide- At first I was a little peeved at receiving this because it says color protection and my hair is not color treated.  But, on the back it says you can use it to add shine to non-color treated hair so I will give it a try.  Plus it smells really good!
  • Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds- I needed a new pair of earbuds and these are pretty cute!  I haven't tried them yet though and rumor has it they aren't so great, but I'll let you know what I think when I get a chance to try them.  
Stay tuned!  I liked their products in this box enough to give them individual attention so look out for the reviews coming shortly.  

Are you a Birchbox subscriber?  Did you have issues this month?  How did they resolve it?

The Birchbox was purchased by me with my own money.  I am not affiliated with Birchbox or any of the brands listed above.  I am not being paid for my reviews and all opinions are my own personal opinions.  


  1. Looks like a happy box with neat stuff!! Ixx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Morrisa,

    I'm not a BirchBox subscriber,however I am contemplating on trying them out.Hopefully all goes well for you next month.

    BTW~Thanks for visiting my Blog,now following! =}

    1. Thanks! If you decide to join my referral link is on the right sidebar. ;)

  4. I received the stila lip gloss as well - it's sold as a trio but only one is included in the monthly boxes. So that one, at least, was not a mistake:-)

    Too bad about the opened Larabar - I enjoyed mine, very tasty.

    1. Thanks! It wasn't clear to me if the sample was supposed to be a trio or not. They are sending me a new Larabar so I will get to enjoy it soon, hopefully. :)

  5. Never considered Birchbox....i wouldnt have been too happy with the mistakes and dodgy products you receieved....hope you got it sorted.
    found you via BBU by the way....pop over and say hi

  6. Following from the BBU Blog Hop! Im still on the waiting list for Birchbox, cant wait to get started!

  7. I just cancelled my birchbox for GlossyBox, I'm hoping it's worth the extra $11! Following you from the BBU hop!



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