Friday, May 25, 2012

Product Review: Terro Liquid Ant Bait Killer

Have an ant problem in or around your home? If you're like us you may have these tiny black ants that no matter what you do they just don't go away. It's as if they show up for no reason. We would keep our counters clean and clear and they would show up around the sink, and show up in cabinets even though everything was closed and sealed. We've tried all kinds of sprays, bait traps, sprayed around the outside perimeter of the house, everything! They may disappear for a day or two but would be right back. We even sprinkled borax around the outside of the house which kills ants but they would take it back to the colony. Then I saw an ad and watched on online video from Terro about their product.
The only product I could find at our local Lowes and Home Depot was the Terro Liquid Ant Bait traps. Which was the product I really wanted to begin with. When you're looking at the Terro Liquid ant killer you have two options. You have the Terro Liquid Ant Killer ($3.99) which comes in an eye drop looking container and you just place a drop on a surface. Then you have the Liquid Ant Baits ($8.99 6 bait stations) which is a plastic bait station which holds the liquid ant killer in 2 small reservoirs.
Wondering how it works and why this product kills the entire colony? The liquid used is sweet and similar to pancake syrup and contains Borax which is the active ingredient that kills the ants. The ants will take this back to the colony and wipe them out. Is this safe to use around the house when you have kids and pets? Yes it is. Since the liquid is similar to pancake syrup it's harmless and the Borax is a natural mineral that's found in a lot of house hold products for instance laundry detergent. All you have to do is place one of these bait stations on the corner of your counter or to the closest point of entry that you can find. You want to do this because once you put this bait station out in the next couple days you are going to see a lot of ants lined up going in an out of this trap. THIS IS NORMAL. You will definitely see a large increase in the number of ants! However they usually don't stray from the bait station so they are pretty contained to the station and the line they travel back and forth. It's worth it because in the days to follow you will not only see a decrease in the number of ants you will also see them dead along the way. The good news is once they are gone they are gone for months. At least that's the results we have had. Then after that you can replace these bait stations periodically to make sure stragglers are taken care of as well. We've even placed them outside wherever we see them swarm and it works the same outside. In fact they have outdoor products to help control ants and other insects.
We ABSOLUTELY recommend this product! It works, just be patient when you first put it out and you see more ants show up. Terro products are also very fairly priced and isn't going to hurt your wallet.
We have been using the Terro Liquid Ant Bait as well as the Outdoor Ant Killer Shaker Bag and our home is ant and insect free.

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me and reviewed by me and my experience using this product.  I am not affiliated with the company nor was I paid for my review.  All opinions are my own personal opinions.
*Photo's were taken from Terro


  1. sure wooks for me bjg

  2. I had a problem with those pesky little black ants and used this product , it was unreal how effective and easy it was to use , now I no longer have ants inside my house and am taking the battle outside to see how this stuff works and I am sure it will work incredibly well.

  3. I have sprayed 3 times to no avail, but i just put 6 of these traps around my house this morning. Wish me luck

    1. I think you will be extremely happy with the results. Don't be alarmed if you see an increase of ants for a couple days. It really does kill them off. Good luck!

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  5. Thanks for this wonderful post. Terro is undeniably an excellent product that can be used to get rid of ants. I have used it and the results are awesome.

  6. A reviewer on another web site said the product worked well for a few days, but then began noticing that he would see ants but they would not go near the trap -- so he decided to put our new trap and again he saw an increase in ants going into the trap. He speculated that the traps probably need to be replaced every couple of days to keep bait fresh and attract ants. After about 2-3 weeks of putting down a fresh trap every few days he reported his ant problem solved.

  7. I live in Canada and our apartment building is over run with super-tiny little red ants. I have tried the pest control company as well as the homemade borax+sugar recipes to no avail. I went across the border today shopping & picked up the Terro bait stations as well as the little bottle.
    Holy-moly, six hours later its like a feeding frenzy in my kitchen!!! Literally thousands of ants feeding on this stuff. I am so impressed that Terro is attracting them like nothing else.
    BTW I was told that Terro cannot be sold up here in Canada...something to do with too many ant fatalities...wink wink

  8. Terro Liquid Ant Bait Killer is a really awesome product. It is super working product. It can be used inside and outside of the room. It is not very toxic. Thanks @Admin for your honest review.

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