Monday, July 30, 2012

Product Reviews: Quirky Cordies

I don't know whether to say Happy Monday or not. I mean who really like's Monday? Today I'm bringing you Quirky Cordies from Quirky.com. Hope you enjoy!
What They Say
Desktop cable management may not be sexy, but neither is rooting around on your hands and knees amidst the mounting dust bunnies under your desk looking for your fallen power charger. Cordies keeps all your power cords, phone chargers, and audio cables in order so you can plug in and unplug easily and quickly. Weighted but flexible rubber provides a solid grip for all your cords. A rubber bottom gives the Cordies module a solid hold on your desk. Thread all your cables through the 3.5-inch wide organizer and you won’t have to waste your time detangling them or retrieving them from under your desk. You can even stack cables on top of each other within the three individual loop spaces. If you have more devices than that, you may want to think about scaling back.

My Opinion
I really liked this product. You gotta like a product where you just open the box and it's ready to use. I've always had the problem of unplugging my cell from the power cord and speaker plug and having to pick them off the floor. Especially at work. Then you combine that with a usb for a scanner and a usb from a upc scanner and I'm always looking for wires. This really did make my life a lot easier. The price isn't all that bad either. Priced at $10 I'd say it's pretty good. Anyone with a lot of electronics this is a must have!

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  1. I love cord organizers. I will have to show this to my husband :)


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