Friday, June 1, 2012

Product Review: Filippo Berio Olive Oil


So when you think Ollive Oil the first thing that comes to mind is the Mediterranean right? Well it should because it's a staple in Mediterranean diet. It's used to season dishes while cooking as well as dressings, and even to dip bread in. So what's the deal with olive oil other than keeping your pasta from sticking together? Let me tell you I didn't really know either until I really looked into it. Honestly I wasn't that big on olive oil until my wife intorduced it into our cooking. After looking into it there is a HUGE reason to use more olive oil in your everyday diet and a lot less butter!

The health benefits alone are worth switching from butter and margerine to Olive Oil. It’s naturally free of cholesterol, trans fat, salt, sugar, and gluten. It is rich in monounsaturated fat which is a good fat. So it helps protect against heart disease, aids in digestion, and has been known to promote healthy aging. Here in the US nearly 13 million people have heart disease and more than a half-million people will die from it each year. That's just here in the US! People who live in the Mediterranean region in countries like Italy and Greece have the lowest rates of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and have the highest adult life expectancies. Now this isn't only because of Olive Oil, however Olive Oil is a big part of their diet. The “Mediterranean Diet,” combines fruits, leafy greens, legumes, whole grains, olive oil and fish, with only small amounts of red meat and wine in moderation. What to see what the diet consists of? Of course you do! Here's their food pyramid:

So after reading and looking more into the benefits to switching to Olive Oil and substituting it over butter and magarine, I'm convinced it's the way to go. Here's something for you to use in your kitchen. It's a substitution chart:

Now there's a lot of different Olive Oils out there and honestly the ones we have used in the past which was a good deal of store brands they all seemed the same to me. I really liked the Filippo Berio Olive Oil we tried. It really had a nice light flavor and when we used it in cooking it didn't fail. It did well in all of our dishes. We even used a drop here and there just to season our pans so our eggs and food didn't stick. We also made grilled cheese sandwhiches for our son without buttering the bread. Just added a small drop in the pan and the grilled cheese came out great.
Filippo Berio also has a bunch of great recipes and you can find them on their site http://filippoberio.com/ourrecipes

So after trying this product I would not only highly recommend Filippo Berio Olive Oils, but please join us in switching to a healthier way of eating. I know everyone loves the Paula Dean recipe and foods with a to of butter but you can still make them using the chart above and using Olive Oil instead.

Disclaimer: All products were provided to me free of charge for review.  I am not affiliated with the company nor was I paid for my review.  All opinions are my own personal opinions. I am a bzzagent!
Photo's were taken from filippoberio.com

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