Monday, June 18, 2012

Product Review: Summer Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap

Happy Monday!  Today is a gloomy rainy day here in Maryland but hopefully today's post will cheer you up!  Today I'm reviewing the Summer Soap Box by Fortune Cookie Soap!  I was so excited to get this box and even more excited when I opened it up and took a look inside.  I have had some time to use all of the products so now it's time for my review.

1oz. Body Wash in Road Trip: First, before I get to reviewing the actual product I have to talk about the plastic bottle this product and another one came in. It was impossible for me to squeeze this bottle! It was hard as a rock and there was no way I was getting any product out via squeezing the bottle. I had to un-screw the top and use the product that way. No biggie and certainly not a reflection on the product inside but definitely something that FCS should consider for future sample boxes. Anyway, on to the product--I thought the scent "Road Trip" was a fresh, clean, and "summary" scent. It had a very light lemon scent and the body wash itself was very light and gentle. None of the summer products have launched on the website as of yet so I'm not 100% positive of the price or size of this one but it looks like all of their other body washes come in three different options: 8 oz for $3.00, Sulfate Free 4oz for $4.99, and Sulfate Free 8oz for $6.99.

1oz. OCD in Summer Sweet Tea: I use hand sanitizer often, especially at work, so I was excited to see this product. Again, this was another product in the bottle that was impossible to squeeze but I just opened the lid and used it that way. This size is perfect for carrying around in your purse and I still have a ton of it left. It's not sticky like some hand sanitizers and the scent is exactly as described, sweet tea! It looks like FCS' hand sanitizers sell for $2.89 for a 1oz bottle and you can get it with or without glitter.

Mini Mister of Sparkle Me! in Beach Bunny:  This was one of my absolute favorite products that came in the Summer Soap Box!  The smell "Beach Bunny" is divine and is a perfect summer scent of coconut.  The sparkle is very light but just enough to give your skin a nice glow.  I couldn't get any pictures of the sparkle on my skin because my camera couldn't pick it up but I assure you that it is a very light sparkle.  I love the Beach Bunny scent and I am definitely looking forward to the summer line and I'm hoping that there will be many more products in this scent.  This is a totally new product for FCS so I have no idea what it will cost or what sizes will be available.
Fortune Cookie Soap in Sand Dollar:  This is the first thing I smelled when I opened the box for the very first time.  This has a very prominent peach scent to it.  I loved the scent and I'm still using this one as it seems to last forever!  The only thing I wasn't crazy about was what I assume are poppy seeds inside the soap.  I kept finding these little black things on my shower floor and on my towel and wondering what the heck they were.  I looked on their site and they have tons of different Fortune Cookie Soaps to choose from.  You can check out the variety of scents here.  I think these would make really cute party favors!  Looks like Fortune Cookie Soaps sell for $2.99 and up depending on the scent.

Hydrate Me! Body Conditioning Bar in Pool Party:  This was another product that I absolutely fell in love with!  It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth.  Now, I must say that I wasn't exactly sure how to use this bar so I guessed.  I used it on wet skin after washing but before stepping out of the shower.  I have no idea if that is right but it worked just fine.  I can't even describe the actual scent of this one except to say it smells "yummy"!  This is another totally new product for FCS so I have no idea on the price.   

Solid Sugar Scrub, Sugar Fix, in Sugar Britches:  Again, I wasn't sure how to use this product so I just guessed.  I broke a little off and used it to scrub my body while in the shower.  I thought this would crumble the minute I tried to break a piece off but it didn't, it held together pretty well.  I loved the scent on this one as well. This is another totally new product for FCS so I have no idea on the price.

Flip Flop shaped Bath Bomb in Private Beach:  This is another one that I can't quite describe the smell.  It has a sweet smell that reminds you of summer for sure!  You could probably get more than one use out of one of these but I have a huge garden tub so I used the whole thing.  It made my bath water smell yummy and my skin feel nice and smooth.  I'm not sure how much this particular bath bomb will cost but looks like they start at $4.35 and go up to $9.99.

1oz. Dry Shampoo in Wish You Were Here:  I have been hearing a lot about dry shampoos lately but I had never tried one.  The idea just never appealed to me.  But, in the interest of trying everything in the box I did give it a try.  The shampoo smells amazing and it made my hair smell really nice too but I just didn't like the way it made my hair feel.  My hair is very dark and I felt like no matter how hard I tried I could still see some of the product in my hair.  I'm pretty sure it isn't the product but just dry shampoo in general.  Now at least I can say I tried it but I don't think it is for me.  This is another brand new product so I have no idea on size or price.

1oz. Whipped Cream in Pinky Swear:  I saved the best for last folks! This stuff smelled good enough to eat, seriously!  Don't worry, I didn't actually eat it but I did smell my arm frequently throughout the day.  I put this on wet skin after getting out of the shower and I can tell you not only did it smell amazing but it made my skin nice and smooth as well.  This was one of my favorite scents along with Beach Bunny.  As soon as the summer products launch I will be loading up on those two scents.

I am very happy that I decided to sign up for the Soap Box and  I can't wait to see what the Fall Soap Box is going to include.  I'm looking forward to some yummy fall-like scents.  In the meantime, you HAVE to go over to their website and check out their products and be on the lookout for the summer line as well as the sign up for the Fall box!  

The Summer Soap Box was purchased by me with my own money.  I am not affiliated with Fortune Cookie Soap.  I am not being paid for my reviews and all opinions are my own personal opinions.  

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